Sunday, April 6, 2014

Errant Pondering

Errant pandering is all that 'tis. A blogger, one who is a close friend of mine, who writes blogs very similar to mine, seems nothing but a currier of obsequious favor from his rabble of readers, blogsters, his oppressors if you will, for I can see a relationship of mutual dependence. One or the other or both the two seem not in full mastery of their leisure time, putting it to such immature usage.

When I was a child I felt out of sorts during my summer vacation from the soulless academia of the time. A day or two would pass in boundless oblivion, the stone finally off of my back. At those times, without the benefit of a halfway house, a safe harbor from the jarring transition, I plunged headlong into my newly unbounded yet even more newly bounded freedom.

And, at this point, time has passed since I put to type those paragraphs and I have completely forgotten what I was on about. Nevertheless, since I am limited by the time I have been granted upon this plane of existence (but had I the world of time, I doubt I could figure the meaning) I publish. Even if the significance eludes ... quickly, quickly, I must publish... before the flicker expires and all goes black.

by Michael DeVore

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